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Have you recently been injured at work and now struggle with pain and mobility? If so, you may benefit from WorkCover physiotherapy, a specialised form designed to help you recover and return to work as quickly as possible.

Workplace injuries can be debilitating and significantly impact your ability to perform your job effectively. WorkCover physiotherapy is a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation that focuses on treating work-related injuries and getting you back to your pre-injury level of function.


What is WorkCover?

WorkCover is a substantial incentive that assists workers in recovering from on-the-job injuries. If you were injured at work, workers’ compensation insurance would pay your earnings and medical expenses while you could not work.

Workplace injuries would not just inflict pain and time away from work if WorkCover did not exist. They would cause substantial financial hardship.


WorkCover physiotherapy treatment

Our WorkCover physiotherapy consultations are designed to cater to your specific job-related requirements. We understand that every injury is unique, and therefore, we personalise our treatment plans to diagnose your injury, estimate your recovery period, and create a comprehensive return-to-work program.

We prioritise getting to know you and your injury to ensure we provide you with the best care. We believe that one-on-one physiotherapy consultations and treatments are essential to your recovery, and we ensure you receive the care and attention you deserve.

Our primary aim is to assist you in overcoming your pain and injury, so you can return to work safely and efficiently.

WorkCover Physiotherapy Sunshine | Your Story Physiotherapy

10 Critical tasks WorkCover physiotherapists at Your Story perform to aid in returning to work

1. Hands-on treatment

We provide you with one-on-one, hands-on treatment that isn’t rushed and tailored to your injury and the demands of your job. We also offer massage, acupuncture or dry needling as part of your treatment plan.

2. Supervised gym program

We have a fully equipped rehab gym where we get you set up with your rehab program and help you progress with it.

3. A 3-month gym membership request

You are entitled to access to a 3-month gym membership from your insurer, which your physio can request on your behalf when you’re ready for it.

4. Return to work case conference

Your physio should arrange a return to work case conference, not during your treatment session. Your physio should block out extra time to speak to the case manager or consultant and let them know when you’re ready to return to work. You should be present so you can report on how you’re feeling, and so you know what’s being said.

5. Worksite visit

If your physio knows the fine details of the work you do, they’re in the best place to help you return to work safely. Our physiotherapists routinely visit our patients’ worksites. It means you can show your physio the tasks you’ve been finding most challenging and give an accurate picture of the work you’re being asked to do, not just what’s on paper.

6. Certificate of capacity

Your certificate of capacity tells your manager what you’re safe to do at work. It’s valid for 28 days and needs to be renewed each month. Your physio can do that for you. If you need an attendance certificate for a sick day, your physio can also provide this form.

7. Medical pillow, brace or rehab equipment

Our physios routinely assess our patients for medical pillows and can order the most suitable brace to help with your recovery. If you need a foam roller, resistance band or other equipment for daily use, our physios can organise that for you as well.

8. Reports and legal assistance

We work only with local lawyers whom we’ve known personally for a decade and who can provide you with a no-obligation consultation so you can find out what you’re entitled to and ensure you’re not being taken advantage of. We also write a medical report that supports any request a lawyer might request.

9. Accurate diagnosis and same-day start

Our WorkCover physiotherapists are skilled in providing the highest quality of care to help you get back to your job quickly and safely. With their experience and expertise, they’ll ensure that you receive the best possible treatment, often with a same-day start, to help reduce pain, improve mobility, and restore function.

10. A proven program that takes you from start to finish

At Your Story Physiotherapy, we have developed the Rapid Recovery + Return Rehab Program

WorkCover Physiotherapy Sunshine | Your Story Physiotherapy

Final thoughts on WorkCover Physiotherapy

WorkCover physiotherapy is about treating injuries and empowering workers to take control of their health and well-being. By providing comprehensive care, education, and support, WorkCover physiotherapy is vital in helping injured workers recover and return to work safely.

So, if you or someone you know is dealing with a work-related injury, don’t hesitate to seek the expertise of a WorkCover physiotherapist. Your health and future are worth it!

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